Below are professional product lines we use and sell at J Beauty.  Consumer products are also available for purchase for you to recreate a spa like experience at home.

Foot Care Products

Besides facial and body care products, we carry professional and consumer foot care products for you to buy to continue treating your foot health at home.  Below are are product lines for foot care.  Please contact and visit our spa for a foot care consult or to buy our extensive line of foot products from Allpresan, Footlogic and Gehwol.


Please visit our spa to see our full product line of Allspresan, Footlogix and Gehwol.

Footlogix 3 Very Dry Skin provides daily protection for dry skin.  Fast drying mousse formula.

Footlogix 7T Nail Tincture spray is a bestselller for at home maintaince.  It helps strengthen nails and is anti-fungal.

Footlogix 7+ Rough Skin Formula provides relief to dry, coarse and scaling skin.  Helps skin look smooth and heathy.

Footlogix 9 Foot Deodorant kills odour that causes bacteria.

Gehwol provide foot care products for a large range of solutions: foot odour, dry skin, callused skin, cracked skin, athlete's foot sweaty feet and many more.

Gehwol's Nail and Protection Spray helps improve elasticity and stability to your nails.  It also helps protects your nails from fungal and bateria infections.

Gehwol Soft Feet moisturizes feet and legs.

Gehwol Callus Cream softens and reduces callus.  

Gehwol Deodorant Foot cream has manuca oil and zinc oxide that protects feet against bateria and fungi and eliminate foot odour.

Gehwol Fluid treats ingrown toenails, calluses and corns.

Gehwol softener helps prevent ingrown nails and callus.  Cuticles become smooth.

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